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Tangerine Painted Lyretail Molly Fry

Fish Folk

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3 minutes ago, Brandy said:

How do you submit the babies with the whole covid thing going on? Is the video enough, or do you have to physically take them somewhere?

Even before COVID, we make a detailed spawning report, and make videos that document growth process. We live 3 hrs away from where our Fish Club meets, so it's just not very reasonable to drive fry all the way there, stay for a club meeting, and drive them all the way back home. And visa versa, no one wants to drive 6 hrs round trip just to confirm a bunch of fry. But when they're mature, we do bring fry in to sell at our fish club auctions. Last auction we had before COVID, between plants and fish, we auctioned everything off for $240. 🤑

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