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Angelfish learning to be parents


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Hi everybody I have a pair of angles got lucky only bought two and they paired they have spawned 5 times now the first spawn I left them in  tank went to day three and they ate them no surprise there second and third spawn I tried to raise them my self and they made it to the wiggler stage and sadly they didn’t survive, four spawn I left them in the tank they went two days parents ate them, yesterday came home from work they spawned again, Except I noticed there behavior is different like they are slowly learning to be  good parents I left the tank light on all last night and the male has  stayed with the eggs and fanned then since  they were laid he’s never done this before so my fingers are crossed, we will see what happens.

the male is named Jupiter he’s almost all yellow and silver  with a couple small black spots and he’s blind in one eye, the female name is Juno she  is a koi vail figured I give you that info so you guys know what your looking at thanks again love the forum thanksCory  


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