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Check out the microfauna living on my emersed plants.


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While doing water change one day, I noticed tiny, salt-like dots on the emersed leafs of my giant sword plant. Then I saw them move! I had to bust out the macro lens and do my best to do some close ups, they were ultra-tiny so it was kinda hard even with the macro! After some research and asking around, it seems they are called "Globular springtails". I've been told the are harmless and great fry food! I just think they're really hard to catch by the fry, as they can stand on the water and even jump out of it with their springs (hence springtail). Each water change it's a jumping frenzy now lol. Does anyone have any microfauna too? I just found it fascinating how the ecosistem starts to evolve in such a small space, it truly is like having a tiny piece of nature in your home!


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2 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

That is really cool. Good job managing the focus in your video.

Are they still in your tank?

Thanks! In this particular tank no, because I rehomed the giant amazon sword that was coming out of the water, it was becoming too big for a 40gal breeder. But I still have lots on a 20gal tank where driftwood comes out of the water! I'll take some pics later.

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