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Neon Tetras with Dwarf Mexican Crayfish (CPO)?


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Hey all, so I am currently keeping 17 neon tetras in a 20g long with a large MTS and a huge recent bloom in bladder snails. I've had the neons for about 2 weeks. I haven't lost a single one and they are fattening up pretty nicely, I want to go ahead and add a male/female pair of Dwarf Mexican CPO Crayfish, I absolutely love how cute and small they are and have heard they are very peaceful but sometimes act out. I have a planted aquarium and some of my plants have decent growth, the others are still getting settled in, but it will be densely planted eventually. 

I just really don't want anything to happen to my sweet little neons and I want to add some cardinals and possibly a betta. Has anyone had any experience keeping CPO's with neons or other small peaceful mid-lower dwelling fish?

P.S. my filter is a marina slim S20 HOB filled to the brim with bio balls and some sponge media and cheese cloth. 

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