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Well, you can remove eggs and incubate / hatch artificially. It's never quite as awesome and rewarding as watching parents do it themselves though. Hard to say whether the Loach would suck up fry without the Oscar mama fending it off. I'd suggest just allowing nature to run its course. At lest for a first try, see how they do. If things go wrong, they'll spawn again. Besides . . . I'm not aware of many fish stores that are keen on taking in hundreds of baby Oscars!

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Firstly you have a weather loach with an Oscar and it hasn’t ate it? Otherwise every time my oscars lay eggs if I want them to live I have to pull cause my rhino pleco eats them before plecos in there tank they raised young every time as mentioned above it’s a wonderful experience watching them raise fry but they have hundreds of babies at once took me 3months too sale all of mine next to almost given away cause couldn’t properly house them I have kept one baby from first success batch he is like 3-4 inches now it’s cool too see the combination of the parents in him

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