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What's this on my oscar?


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I'm sitting in the living room when I look up and notice something on Ursula's side. I'm about 93% sure it was not there as of 3 hours ago when I fed her and spent a while watching her. It was for sure not there 5 days ago, that's when I have the last good photo of her with no sign of anything. I've had problems with my guppies and one of my bettas in the last while so I'm really scared of health things lately. It looks like it has air bubbles (or glitter) trapped in/under it, and it moves towards and away from her body as she swims like it's only attached by one point. It almost looks like it might be a loose scale? Is that a thing?

General details- 4 inch young oscar alone in an 80 gallon tank, planted, FX4 filtered, 80 degrees, set up for 2 weeks so still very new. 0-0.25 ammonia, since it's a new setup I'm monitoring that closely, 0 nitrite, ~10 nitrate. Last water change done yesterday, 45%.

Hopefully these pictures can give a sense of it. It's confusing me.







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2 minutes ago, Brandy said:

It does look like a loose scale. But I don't know why it would be loose? hopefully someone who knows more about large fish can help, if any of my fish had loose scales I would probably need a microscope to see them.

This is my first big fish! I have 6 tanks with guppies, bettas, and community fish, and this one new oscar! It's all new to me.

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It's changed today. That scale (if that's what it was) seems to have mostly fallen off, but there is another similar looking thing on her other side, and also on the other side there is another white patch that looks dented in. I'm very scared it might be lateral line erosion. I've added a very small dose of salt- 5 tbsp for her whole 80 gallon- to be a mild antiseptic if that will help. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 6.56.36 PM.png

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5 minutes ago, Brandy said:

hmm. If you do have that, you could try treating for hexamita. From my reading, I think it would be best treated by Metronidazol in food for a fish this size. So, like Metroplex, added to her favorite frozen treat maybe? Sorry, I don't have a ton of experience with this...


sadly being in canada I have very limited access to anything useful med-wise. I managed to get some stuff on ebay but it took a very long time, I have a little bit of kanaplex and furan-2 left from that 

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