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A cautionary tale

Lynn B

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I just lost a beautiful male betta to what I consider a freak accident, but now when I think about it...maybe my fault.  I have cholla wood in my tanks, and this male betta swam into the hole on one side and got stuck and died.  Very sad, and when I think about it, it could happen easily, so now I will be blocking any holes large enough for any fish to get into before I put it in the aquarium.  Hope this helps someone else not have this happen. He had been living in this tank with the wood for over a year.

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So should I take out my razor blade sculpture?


Seriously though I used to think fish were "smart enough" to not get hurt but then I realized not all species evolved with the same kind of dangers so they'd have no reason to know.  I actually feel a bit worried about using dragon stone but I feel its a calculated risk and so far everyone's been fine.  fingers crossed!

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