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Fluval Chi tank filter Question


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HI All, I got a Fluval Chi tank, like in the picture below for a baby guppy tank or quarantine tank. 
I also have a Aquarium COOP filter in there to give it it's good bacteria from the other tank. The filter that comes with the CHI and has a light with it, is over top. I think that it's sucking the food in after I feed the baby guppies. Do you think I can tank that off the tank if I have the other filter in there? It also has a light attached and I don't believe I can just have the light functioning and not the filter. I read that baby guppies need at least 12 hours of light. They'll get the room light during the day but that's not directly on the tank. 


What do you think? 



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@Lynze did you get rid of the filter material altogether? 

@mn-aquarist, I may just do that. I do like the LED changable lights, so I may need to wait a bit for that. 

Another question about filter material. I am getting a pleco today from a guy in our neighborhood, and I want to do a quarantine trio on the tank when I add him in, I took out the charcoal filter material from my FLUVAL 206 filter system. Do I need to keep that wet for the week while it's not in there? Or can it dry out? 

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3 minutes ago, Lynze said:

Yes I ripped the whole thing out and tossed it. I run over 30 tanks so I had cycled sponge filters laying around. For awhile I used a clip on light, but now it sits under one long light. If I ever move it I will probably use another clip on. 

Ok great. I'll toss it too, I really like the Aquarium COOP Filter. 

I have a too large of Aquarium COOP Filter in there right now, because I didn't have a smaller one, once I have the smaller one in the big tank for a week I'm going to switch the two filters. It's only been functioning in the big tank for 4 days. I had issues hooking it up to my whisper. But I have that all figured out now. 


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