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What kind of worm?


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Can anyone identify this worm? A little tank history/background. 

Had Mbuna's in it for years. Most of them with gravel last year or so gravel was removed and replaced with sand. I recently removed the sand completely and majority of the water then replaced it with ecocomplete. I also added two pieces of spider wood that were soaked in hot tap water for a week with daily water changes. I then noticed these tiny worms swimming around at some point after doing these changes never before the mbuna.

There are very tiny and completely white.

I do have some more photos if needed.




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54 minutes ago, Spewing_nonsense_ said:

its rhabdocoela, harmless and i actually like having them in my aquariums. planaria have a very distinct triangle head with two eyes tou can easily see. rhabdocoela basically function the same as detritus worms

Basically all I was worried about is whether they were safe. 

Why do you like having them? Do you consider them free food?

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