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Cotton wool disease?


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I have a juvenile molly who is really has not grown much. He seems to get picked on whenever I feed frozen food, for some reason. Three days ago, I noticed a cotton patch on his head.

He is eating fine, and I separated him in a own breeder box. Since then I have given him a few 15 minute salt baths a day, and added some more salt to the tank he's in. (I'd say approx 1 TBSP/5 gallons.) I also added one dose of Ick-X and one dose of Maracyn to the tank.

There has been no improvement in the cotton patch, but it hasn't worsened either. I have access to other meds, but don't want to go down the rabbit hole yet. Any other suggestions? All help is appreciated.

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I gave the molly salt baths daily, and raised the level of salt in the tank as well. Knock on wood, but  the cotton went away after about 4 days.

You are right about the frozen food. He is the runt, and man...they all set their sights on him during feeding time. I have kept him in the breeder box in hopes of fattening him up a bit.


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