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Anyone have ideas for repurposing a reptile terrarium not made to hold water?


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30 minutes ago, Ryan F said:

Re-doing the silicone is achievable with time an effort. So long as the glass is not too thin that it can't hold the depth of water. The paludarium is a good idea too. You may want to reinforce it a lot because a square glass tube is not very strong if you have to take it off to fiddle or maintain the tank.

Thank you! Any resources on how to do this to get it to hold water? I've tried looking it up but everything seems to be the opposite - turning tanks into terrariums lol

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I just typed in "reseal aquarium" and got a couple good looking results. One is from Joey "the king of DIY" which should be pretty reliable.

I haven't done it but generally, you use a razor to separate each piece of glass, then remove all the existing silicone. Clean aggressively to ensure silicone bonds securely. Then you reverse the process and apply fresh silicone to each joint using spacers and straps to hold everything square. Let it all set up and you have a refurbed tank.

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