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dwarf sagittaria breaking?


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Hello everyone, 


I keep finding floating leafs from my dwarf sagittaria. I have a 20g with zebra danios, celestial pearl danios, nerite and mystery snails, and some amano shrimp i this something is eating them/ breaking them but don’t know what. If I could get some suggestions on what is causing this. I added some pictures one is a bundle of leafs that are kind of floating and the other one the plant  I think they came from  thanks in advance.




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How long have you had the plants for? It might be some normal melting on the plants from being transitioned into a new tank. Also, it might just be the mystery snails or nerite snails. They are pretty big so they might accidentally break a leaf here or there while they move along on the tank. The dwarf saggatarria will grow back in time. 

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