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What would you do with this?


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I went from never winning anything to winning two contests in the last 6 months, I believe. I just won this UNS 16T. Its dimensions are 6.29” x 6.29” x 9.45”. It’s only 1.5 gallons, so I have no clue what to do with it. I wish I had some fish buds IRL I could just gift it to.

Any ideas on what you would use this for? Never had a UNS tank before, but I’ve heard they’re really high quality.

*Not my picture*

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All of the above and one guppy...Not for permanent. Hold the flamethrowers, I am going somewhere with this...

This tank is actually too nice for what I did. I actually got a SMALLER tank, about a 6 inch rimless cube. Horrible little thing was marketed as a betta tank. 

I made a guppy photo studio out of it! You know how it is hard to get a good pic? Well I can put a guppy in there, add a ton of light, and get a super close up. And because the glass quality is fabulous, it looks way better than putting them in a dip and pour. 

But after I was done...well the tank wasn't meant to cycle and it isn't very pretty just sitting around. So I am thinking one water lettuce that I can lift out at will, 2 or 3 shrimp, and maybe one nerite. Then it can stay pretty and set up.


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