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White stuff and lump around Betta gill


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I’ve had this betta for a couple of months now. As you can see, his fins are frayed. I put him through the med trio twice and it only seemed to get better just a little bit before coming back.

I even put him in a separate tank and dosed aquarium salt for four days. After that his fins do seem to be slowly growing back. I’m hoping that continues.

Now he has a noticeable lump on one of his fins and also some white stuff growing around that fin. What could this be?

His tank is a heavily planted 10 gallon that I keep at 78F. The PH is 7.0 last I checked, and the GH of my tap water is 6 drops of the API test kit. There is both a sponge filter and a hang on back filter. I change water 1-2x per week. He has shrimp and a single juvenile guppy for tank mates.



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Update here:

I've tried everything. First I tried the quarantine trio - it didn't work. Then I thought it was columnaris so I moved him to a quarantine tank and used Jungle Fungus Clear Tablets (for nitrofurazone) and Seachem kanaplex together with some salt. This went on for maybe 4 weeks and I've seen no signs of improvement.

It's actually getting worse.

This morning I checked on him and he's just laying on the bottom of the tank in a bent shape. I think he's dying 😭

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Looking at the treatments you have used I would have expected see some improvement by now it could a tumor if it got bigger as it near the gills it could be affecting his breathing i don't think he has good chance at  recover you might have considered euthanizeing him if you think he is suffering clove oil is the most humane way sometimes fish respond well to treatment some they don't at least you no you have done your best for him@onlywei

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