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Is this corydoras breeding behavior?


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I'm trying to figure out if this mating behavior or a sign of distress in my corys. Corydoras aeneus. I don't have any experience breesing corys so its tough for me to identify. You can see two of them together at around the 15s mark.

I have been petty much overfeeding the tank intentionally the past week or two due to an issue with my bamboo shrimp not eating properly; I think these corys look fat and healthy but if someone could confirm I'd much appreciate it. Haven't seen any eggs but its a planted tank so they might just be tough to see. I also don't see either of them holding an egg in their fins.


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I am very excited to see if I can hatch these guys. I have been emphasizing a diverse diet recently and it looks like they approved. Thanks to the forum for all the fish knowledge that helped me get to this point!


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