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Is there such thing as too many snails?


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My tank is only two months going, and I think one of the best things I did to get my tank cycled was buy plants from a tank that had snails in it. Now I'm starting to worry that the pond snails are outcompeting my 6 otos and 3 nerites. I put in an algae wafer last night and before any otos got to it it was covered in snails. Just a few days prior the otos and the pond snails shared a piece of zucchini equitably. This morning I siphoned out some of the snails where the wafer had been. Now I worry about something else-If I flush them will they start inhabiting my septic? Is that a weird thing to worry about?

I guess my main question now is do I need to be more actively culling the little buggers (I have zero expectations of actually obliterating them completely) And does this just represent an imbalance in my tank because it's not that mature and possibly putting in too much food? 

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