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should I quarantine?


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I was wondering if having a separate quarantine tank is a good idea.

would there be a issue with acclimating fish to the tank they are going to live in the use the med trio for the entire tank. My largest freshwater tank is only 20 gallons so not that expensive to medicate. would that reduce stress from not having to move tanks twice?(from the lfs to quarantine then from quarantine to display)

thanks for the input 🙂

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I would always suggest a quarintine tank. It would be stressing for the fish if you moved the fish to the display the very day you got them into quarintine. Usually you would wanna quarintine for 1-3 weeks with the med trio, so no it wouldn't be THAT stressful. 

I don't quarintine with meds, I just wait 4-6 weeks and see if the fish have any symptoms of parasites, bacterial infections, etc. I will then treat for that specfic disease.

I don't know if I would suggest the med trio because I feel like waiting the 6 weeks is probably more efective, and cheaper.


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