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Is this ich or something else?


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Hey all-

A day after giving birth, one of my guppies has a red sore on her back and white spots(?) on one side of her body.  The spots are only on the one side of her body, not on her fins or mouth, and I honestly can't even tell if they are cysts or just raised scales.  She is also relatively lethargic, somewhat labored breathing, and not super interested in food.  I included pictures of her top, her "good" side, and 2 pics of her side with spots.  

Tank specs if you need them:  20g high stocked with 5 guppies (2m/3f), 5 zebra danio, 1 Platy.  0 Ammonia/Nitrite, 20-40 Nitrate, 78F, stable 7.4 ph, 8 dGH.  I also did a water change yesterday for what it's worth.

What are we looking at here?  I have a quarantine tank and meds trio ready to go, but I'm hoping to better diagnose before I start throwing meds at her (or in case I will need to treat the entire tank).  This will be the third time I have to nurse her back to health since I got her last August 😞


Thanks as always!





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