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Betta Splenden Lethargic and Not Eating


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I have a female betta in a planted community 100L / 28G tank and I’ve had her for about five months. She’s always been very bright and healthy. Until today. She’s sat at the top of the tank, looking very lethargic and not her happy self.

I’ve tested the water and it’s come back as normal; 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 40 nitrate (I know 40 is high but it’s always been like that because my tap water is high in nitrate).

I’m about to do a water change now anyway, just in case, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what might be going on or what else I can do to help her?

Tank Specs:
100L / 28G tank (36”L x 12”D x 15”H)
Fluval U4 Filter
24 - 25C / 75 - 77F
50% weekly water change (seachem prime)

1 female betta
6 harlequin Rasboras
10 false julii corys
30+ something RCS

Water quality
Ammonia 0
NO3 40 (Tap water sits at 40ppm)
NO2 0
GH 8
KH 6
pH 7.2
CI2 0


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Maybe the betta is just in a mood? I've had some bettas that wouldn't eat for a little bit and then would go back to normal. What do you normally feed her? You can try to put in some frozen bloodworms or live. Also, she might just not be hungry. 

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First off beautiful betta! Also 40ppm nitrate isn't the worst, I wouldn't worry terribly about that. Tank looks well stocked with plants and running an oversized filter is great.


I see no outwardly appearance of anything wrong at least in the pic. Without any further information I would agree with @Yanni.


Side tangent is there a reason for the 50% water changes? I'm just curious because your tap water is nitrate heavy so doing smaller more frequent water changes may be beneficial to allow your existing bacteria break it down into it's constituents and reduce long term toxic stress to your fish. Although again 40ppm isn't the worst.

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