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I'm Dave (70) from Shelton, Washington.  I took over a 20 gallon that my wife abandoned last year.  Since we grew to another 20g and two 10g.  Now we have a 60g, a 40g and a 20g all up and running.  All are planted tanks.  The forty gall Is mainly Platies with Cories and quite a few Mystery snails.  There are three very large bundle of snail eggs hanging from the cover so I expect an increase in population soon.  The sixty gallon has a hand full of Mollies, a dozen Neons, the usual bottom dwellers and again an abundance of platies.  

I am about to use a regimen of Fritz Paracleanse for the two big tanks.  I will need to decide quickly whether to follow the Fritz directions or the one suggestion by the Co-op.

I wish the store was closer but I will have to settle for my online visits.   Nice to meet you all.

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