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Planaria and alum dips


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So I have a group of floaters that have been in quarantine for over a month. About to add them to the tank- surprise! Planaria. Must've been eggs on the plants as I didn't see any at first and the planaria are very tiny. Some too small to even see the eyes on. I added alum to the quarantine container for 3 days and then moved the plants to a new container with fresh water. I'm waiting to see if I spot any living planaria left in the original container (or any in the new one.)

I did not submerge the floaters completely as I'm guessing that would kill all of them. I'm hoping that any part of the plant that's above the water is safe- I'm guessing planaria eggs can't survive on a dry surface? My logic was if any planaria was up there, it must go back into the treated water right? 

I'm hoping the alum took care of the eggs and planaria, but the little things creep me out, so I was wondering if anyone can confirm the effectiveness. Should I be safe to add my plants to my tank or should I play it safer and wait a few more weeks?

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