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Hi!  I've been keeping fish for 18 years with lots of failures and learning in the middle.  I currently have a 75 gallon community tank that I just restocked for the first time in about 3 years.  My four year old son has recently taken an interest in the tank so we added 6 congo tetras, 6 gold barbs, two pearl gouramis and two angelfish, named Plutoid and Fishy, to our existing 6 black and white skirt tetras and rosy barb.  I'm pretty sure I've made stocking mistakes, despite my best research efforts, which is how I stumbled on the ACO's YouTube channel and forum.  I'm hoping to keep learning from my mistakes and start up my old 20 gal long so I can try a planted tank again.  I had a horrible failure with it 10 years ago and have been scared try since.  All of the videos and posts are quite inspiring.

Fish Tank.jpg

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