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Tiny Red Spots on Guppy

Chris the Fish

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Hi - wondering if anyone has ever seen this before?  One of my guppies has been quite lethargic past few days, seemingly struggling to breath a bit, and today I've noticed he has tiny tiny red dots on various parts of his body (kind of like a rash on a human, in the picture you should just about be able to see one on his tail, which also appears to be faded a bit).  I recently had to deal with a round of Ich carried with some new fish I bought from the store.  That is all done now, and I had to deal with a few secondaries after so have just finished a round of Maracyn.


I wanted to let the fish rest for a bit now, also because my swordtail female has just given birth a few days ago, but am not sure what to do now with this guppy and his red spots.  To note, none of the other fish have any similar symptoms, and seem to be behaving normally.  I also just did a spot check, no ammonia or nitrite and the other parameters are as per usual for my tap water.


Any thoughts or advice here would be helpful. 🙂






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Hi Colu - Afraid I can't get any clearer of a picture than that, it was quite hard even to see in person.

In any case, the guppy has now sadly passed away.  I'm wondering if anyone has seen / experienced this before?  The appearance of tiny red dots and then loss of the fish shortly afterwards?

Any shared experiences / advice here would be great so I can try to avoid this happening to any of my other fish.

Thanks in advance.


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