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Ok Nerms, I have a question for you.

The situation: 75 gal, 80 degrees, 7.6 Ph. Stocking is "semi aggresive": 2 senegal bichirs, 1 ctenopoma, 1 blood parrot cichlid. I have some algae starting to coat the older leaves on my anubias plants, I noticed it after starting to increase the light in an effort to coax my jungle val into growing more (increasing the light as in, scooping out duckweed, not lighting duration).

I'm considering adding an algae eater, as I feel it would add more variety to the tank, and I'm very understocked. There is a nerite snail in there, but the little white eggs are really not doing it for me. Smaller snails are quick to become cichlid snacks. Three of the four walls are coated in algae, as well as the rocks, so there's lots to munch on in there.

I'm limited to fish that get bulky and somewhat large - over 3 inches, or else they will be snacks. I'm also limited to plecos that are deemed bichir safe, since many will rasp their slime coat off - bristlenose are deemed bichir safe. So I have narrowed down my choices to either a bristlenose or a grown out SAE (or more than one, I don't know). 

Having never kept either, I don't know which is better at algae consumption. So what say you? Which would you pick?

Here's a pic of the algae I'm dealing with.


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9 minutes ago, lefty o said:

they are both fantastic when they are young. as they grow they tend to go more for fish food. the bristlenose will at least nibble on algae a little when they are big, but all my SAE's totally quit once they got larger.

Ahhh ok. I was wondering about stuff like this.

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