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Hello Fish Friends! I'm Lizzie.

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Hello all! I'm Lizzie 🙂 I have recently come on board with Aquarium Co-Op as a Program Manager. It's my job to help facilitate the many projects we have in the works to make our customers' and friends' fish-keeping experience even more awesome. My journey started when my parents bought me my first fish tank when I was a very young child and I've been keeping fish myself ever since. Over the past couple years, I have expanded my horizons as I discovered aquascaping as an art. My father is an aquatic botany PhD, so I already had some knowledge around how to successfully keep plants and it's just been an upward journey since! I am absolutely obsessed with learning as much as I possibly can about aquatic plants and I love answering questions and helping newcomers based on my own knowledge and experiences. Other than plants, I love to keep nano fish like Celestial Pearl Danios, Tucano Tetras and guppies as I mostly keep smaller nano size aquariums. I also have a betta fish named Derek (coined by Katie/Dorkula) who I love dearly!!




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2 hours ago, Irene said:

That's so cool that your dad taught you what he knows and you've keeping aquariums for so long! I love your Instagram too - so many inspirational aquascapes. 😍

I know, I'm so lucky to have him! He's a wealth of endless plant-y knowledge 😆 and thank you!!! I can't wait to get them up and running again once Jimmy and I are officially Washington residents 🥳

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