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High nitrates plants doing bad.

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   Some pictures and types of plants you have would be more helpful. In the meantime some plants like swords require getting nutrients from their roots. Therefore, high nitrates in the water might not be as important. Also try to brush off some of the algae if it really bad on the plant leaves so they can photosynthesize. Personally I've used a toothbrush to gently knock off the algae and used airline tubing if you have extra to create a siphon and suck it out. Lastly i would suggest only lighting your tank for 6 hours a day. This will hurt the algae more than the plants and as things get more under control you can increase the time you light the tank. 

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Hi @Insidious

Pictures would certainly be helpful, nitrogen is just one of the the three macro-nutrients, plus secondary  nutrients, plus micro-nutrients that plants require for healthy growth.  Also any water parameter information you can provide like pH, dKH, dGH, etc.  Also what nutrients you are dosing if any. -Roy


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