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Gifted 120 gal Aquarium and Need Some Guidance


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I was recently gifted a 120 gallon tank, 72x24x18. It came with

Powerfly HD 608 Air pump with a sponge filter 

2 Aquaclear 110 Filters

Bulk Reef Supply reverse osmosis system 100 GPD

CO2 Tank

And a what I believe is a Beam works Light


Can someone give me a bit of guidance on what I have here and what I still need to get in order to do a Freshwater Live Plant Aquarium?

What are some stocking options I should be looking at? How many fish could I put in here? 

If I make this a community tank could I put a dwarf pufferfish in here because it's so long or would it still probably nip at others fins?

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So you could put both aqua clears on there and the spongefilter that will be hooked up to the airpump, it will be over filterd but thats fine. 

The R/O system isn't necessary but can be very useful. Mistake me if I'm wrong nerms, but that willl take over for your water conditioner 

a Co2 tank, will be an awesome addition to any planted tank. Here is a video explaining all of the items needed for a co2 system as well as how to hook one up:

 All you will need now is plants and fish! And of course de-nitrifying bacteria. 

I am not a fan of putting puffers in a community tank, but thats just me.

I really love angelfish and some schooling fish. You could also do like 12 rainbowfish and other schooling fish. Pretty much any community fish will do well in a 120gallon. If your interested in fish babies live beares such as guppies, platys, mollies would also be great,

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   Lucky you! 😅 Personally i would turn it into a goldfish tank. Putting both filters on the tank and running air would be perfect for them. In terms of planting the tank goldfish love to dig so you could build an island in the middle with some river stone as a "wall" with course gravel with some root tabs or a nutrient rich substrate. You could then fill the rest of the tank with some pool filter sand that the goldfish would sift through all day. If you do this option id recommend letting the plants deeply root and maybe put some rocks in the island to prevent the goldfish from digging them up.

   In terms of the dwarf puffer i wouldn't recommend putting them in a community tank i keep them in a species only tank. If you are looking for a community puffer i would recommend a schoutedeni puffer they can make for a great community tank. 

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