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Who is eating my plants?

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Hello! Relatively new to keeping live plants, but I was very excited to rescape my 36g bowfront with a large plant order from the Co-op. I added everything on Saturday, and my fish seemed to enjoy the coverage and natural environment. But this morning when I went to feed, I notice that some of my Anubias leaves have gigantic holes in them, as well as have the entire leaves seemingly ripped off their stems. My Water Sprite and Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus also seem to be smushed to bits, but it's only on the right hand side of my tank (the left side has water sprite and Octupus as well that looks fine). 

I cannot imagine this is a natural adjustment, especially since it's only happening on one side of the tank. I have small schools of cherry barbs, panda cories, as well as three platies and a betta. Water chemistry is fine (0,0,20) and I dosed with Easy Green and added Easy Root Tabs on Saturday. The only culprits I could think of is my cories, but I have another school in my 20g long that has live plants and they never touched them. 

Any advice or insight would be appreciated! I don't want to get more plants if they're just going to be turned into a very expensive snack.


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