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The Nitrogen Cycle and stuff


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API Quick Start.

Ingredients:  nitrosomonas eutropha (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) / nitrobacter winogradski (Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria) / Water

Pretty straight forward.  Then I started looking through some of the water treatment papers I've collected over the years which led me to start poking around on the interwebs.

Did you know...

Nitrosomonas eutropha

Starting in 2014, it was being tested by the biotech company AOBiome for its possible health benefits on skin.[6] AOBiome started a Phase II trial of an intranasal formulation of the bacteria for migraines.[7][8]  (Wikipedia)   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrosomonas_eutropha


And then this:

"In 2015, the surprising identification of microorganisms preforming complete nitrification on their own challenged the strict division of labor between the two nitrifying guilds, and thus caused another paradigm shift in our understanding of nitrification"


Comammox Nitrospira

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