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On 4/11/2021 at 5:47 PM, H20CultureLabs said:



(Thank you very much Anita-senpai, I did not know about Kototateyama, but now I do! This crayfish is named for Mt. Tateyama in Toyama.)


(Your kanji is skilled! I am not very skilled in Kanji)

So much fun to type some 日本語 in this forum!

初めまして @H20CultureLabs!敬語を良く分かりますね!でも、上下関係の事を困りましたね。アメリカの名前そのだけ下さい。


[Nice to meet you @H20CultureLabs! You are so polite! But giving me a title is a little embarrassing. Please use my American name without the honorific.

Microsoft’s IME keyboard is skillful at writing kanji. My handwriting is poor, in Japanese or English. Warm regards.]

琴立山  Kototateyama [Zither-like Standing Mountains]



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Here's a fun project from tonight, let's build a worm farm!

In one of my shrimp tanks, I have a huge population of detritis worms. Since the Elassoma and the Badis love them so much, I've decided to culture them. 

Now that I've upgraded my brine shrimp hatcher to the Ziss one, my San Fran Bay one has been sitting idle; no longer! Here's how I repurposed it. 


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I had some Matala mat lying around, and I cut it to fit one of the many "to-go" containers I have lying around. To this I cut a hole in the bottom so the bubbles could find a way out of the media. The idea is the worms will cling to the Matala mat and if I want to remove the culture, I can grab the to-go container and pull all of it out. 



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More wigglers today, they seem to be doing well! I've diluted some of the methylene blue now that the eggs have hatched. 

I made an interesting discovery today. In one of my egg traps, I noticed I was having large amounts of copepods and daphnia in it, which didn't make sense to me since the white clouds and danios in the aquarium should have eaten them all. On closer inspection, I found the source of them; Tateyama the crayfish's pvc pipe cave! You can see in the attached picture the daphnia hanging out just above him. 

For people into making refugium and microfauna, it seems that some fish will not go into tubes to hunt prey, which can act as a sort of incubator for these microfauna. I hope this discovery helps someone else out there!


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1 hour ago, H20CultureLabs said:

On closer inspection, I found the source of them; Tateyama the crayfish's pvc pipe cave!

Really cool! Do you think the crayfish has anything to do with why the fish won’t go in there?

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The mixed Golden White Cloud and CPD wigglers were transitioned from the methylene blue "incubator" into the green water "nursery" today. Lets hope many of them survive. I counted at least 25 at the bottom of the cup; there could be more in there! Every single one of the "black dots" you see are eyes from a single fry. Hard to believe how tiny they are!!



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