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I have some Hydra.. weighing my options


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I just noticed I have some Hydra in my shrimp/snail tank!  Looking for advice... the tank is only about a month old, heavily planted, cycled early with some pre-cycled media..

Parameters are pretty stable:









I also have 6 little fish fry that hitchhiked in on my plants... and ive been feeding them very finely ground flake,,, i feed the shrimp Hikari Crab Cuisine... just a couple pellets per day... whatever they dont eat... my adult Mystery snail grabs quickly..


I have 5 nice Crystal reds... and about 6 or 7 Cherrys.... all of whom seem well...


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I’d like to know what shrimp keepers do to battle hydra as well. I’ve never had a problem with hydra before, because I assume most of my fish eat them. However, one day I’d like to run a invertebrate tank with no fish. Is some kind of medication the only way to get rid of them in that sort of situation? Just leave them be?

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Ahhh yes, the hydra. Cool to watch at first, then too much. We have an indoor pond that is currently Hydra"R"Us. At first when they showed up in our tank room, we used Benibachi Planaria Zero. We researched it as a shrimp safe option. It took out allll of the snails in that tank and made it hard for them to be in there for a while, despite water changes. Then, they were in one tank that was already planned to be transitioned out. So, when we cleaned everything out, we let everything air dry, bleached and did so many rinses. That has been the protocol for anything we use in the pond too. The thing with hydra that got us is watching them "sting" other inhabitants. As with any medications, follow those directions to the T. 

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