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humane breeders?


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Some are hobbyist and some are not. You can email and ask them if they bred the fish themselves. Price always comes down to what is it worth to you. Offer what you think you would like to pay (sometimes there is a reserve price) and see what happens. Buying fish at an auction can be its own thrill!

Shipping can be costly, usually $15 - $50 dollars. Typically I spend as much on shipping as I do on the fish. I often chose the more expensive 1 day option, especially now because the Post Office has been slower recently.

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different people have different definition of what humane breeding looks like. as far as online fish store goes i've heard good things about Aquatic Arts, who gets most of their stock from hobbyists. i know Oddball Aquatics on youtube works there and have a few videos on what their facility looks like, you can check it out and judge for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/c/Oddballaquatics/videos

PS. i just checked their site, they have a bunch of tank bred bettas too.

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