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Stubborn Ich and fish losing color - PLEASE HELP!!


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I had a very mild case of ich in my main tank - 45 gallon. Cory cats and my new guppy flashing and a few white spots on my glo tetra fins. I wanted to treat it right away. Started doing 25-30% water changes and Ich-X daily. Treated for 40 gallons to take substrate and decor into account. 

I'm on day 18, and while most of it I believe to be gone, my one glo tetra has a stubborn spot on his tail that has been there for 11 days now.

I already lost my hillstream loach when my heater system malfunctioned and got too high for him, which is when I dropped it back down to 80 in an attempt to save him. He died, but I don't want to keep stressing the fish with temperature changes, so I'm keeping it at 80.

Question is, all 4 of my cory cats have lost significant color and so has 1 of my oto cats. I don't want to lose them to the treatment, but I don't want to stop too soon and have to start over either. Some say do half dose, but I've also read that doing so isn't a high enough concentration to kill the parasite. Can't dose salt because of corys and plants, can't do copper because of shrimp. What do I do? Haven't done today's treatment yet. Hoping to get some responses first.

I now have a QT tank set up for future fish. I learned my lesson!!!

I've attached pics of my cory pre color loss (treatment) vs yesterday. Also of my fish with the spot that was not there the end of Jan.

Thanks for the help.

Water Parameters:

  • pH - 7.2
  • Nitrates - 5
  • Hardness - very hard
  • Nitrite - 0
  • Ammonia - 0
  • KH/Buffer
  • Water Temperature - 80F

Jan 27 of same fish, no spot.jpeg

stubborn ich spot.jpg

Cory cat losing color.jpg

cory losing color 2.jpeg

Cory pre Color loss.jpeg

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1 minute ago, Colu said:

Ich at higher temperatures is usually cured in 6-7days I would stop treatment and monitor  the one white spot might not be ich it could be something else

That's what I was thinking.

Should I continue daily water changes though? Would that even help to continue getting rid of the Ich in case that's what it is? Or should I leave the Ich-X I put in yesterday in the water and just leave it.

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