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driftwood started rooting


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I purchased an arranged driftwood (mopani) ornament from a local pet store.  I rearranged it (used screws) and boiled it for a couple of days to extract some tannins, used it in my aqua scape and added plants (no fish). My tank is still cycling, but today I noticed one of the pieces of wood is glowing roots.  Has anyone experienced this before? Should I pull the wood out or leave it in? 

Screenshot 2021-02-20 154846.png

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If you boiled the Mopani I would take a closer look at the growth, it's more likely it is some form of algae.

I don't boil wood I use in my aquariums I usually soak them for a few weeks, or months until they no longer release tannins, boiling the wood destroys its surface  cell structure and in my experience the wood doesn't last as long and rots faster in the aquarium. I have wood pieces I've used in several tanks over decades that haven't rotted yet.

If I were to use a piece of wood which had me worried about any organic nasties hiding I'd soak it in a tub with a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide (H2O and H3O)) the hydrogen peroxide will kill the nasties and lose the third Oxygen in the process and turn itself into water, I let it soak for a few days, then rinse it off, and let it dry under the sun. I usually pre-soak it again for a few days anyway before I use it in the aquarium to make sure it won't float. Which is something I've never seen Mopani do.

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