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Good Aquarium Plants Book


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Daniel, not Dutch but German and if there is something you are particularly interested in in it, as long as it isn't the whole book, I might be willing to translate it for you.

I just got the new book by Christel Kasselmann in from Germany myself, she had offered to send me the book in English and autographed but I would've had to buy two copies so that it would have been worth her while with the postage and I didn't know if anyone would buy it off me, and then a friend in Germany said he'd ship a copy of the German version of it to me if I paid him back and I went for it.



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4 minutes ago, kammaroon said:

you need to learn to read Deutsch 😉

Ugh, 2 years of high school German and I can't tell the difference between Dutch and Deutsch!

At least I have a Deutsches dictionary handy.


1 minute ago, Jungle Fan said:

Let me know which ones and I'll check for what you want to know when I have time.

@Jungle Fan vielen dank, I will use you as a resource.

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23 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

A good, well-researched, elegantly illustrated book is a real treasure.

We checked out of our public library Karen A. Randall’s “Sunken Gardens” so many times... all of the wear and tear is our fault... have read it in just about every lit room of the house, and on every outside porch... 

Same here! I've checked out pretty much the entire freshwater aquarium section a couple times over!

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1 hour ago, Brandy said:

Well...do you ever need to clean algae off the glass? off anything? do you have driftwood in the tank? 

I think you have enough real estate, easily. I would want to know that you had enough food, and that really depends on your lighting and water and a ton of factors. I would also want to be able to FEED the loaches, but that is mostly my own paranoia. Maybe keep searching for acceptable foods, and give it a try. If they seem to be not getting enough to eat you can move him back to where he is?

Thanks for your reply! I actually don’t ever clean the surfaces. I only change water when I clean the tank and rarely vacuum the substrate.

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The best way to learn a language is to go emerse your self in the langauge. It can be a good excuse to go to germany. Just tell your wife "hey honey, I need to learn germany so I can leard to read a fish book in german. be back in a giffy".

Its not like the price of your plane ticket will be more then any of your fish store receipts. 

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Lots of great fish stores in Germany, lots of great aquarium books on plants, fish, and aqua technics. Problem is bringing anything over here, or shipping it. It takes forevvvvvvvvvvver, and don't get me started on the German customs service. Same goes for the Netherlands, and Denmark, or the U.K. I've got Diana Walstad's book too, read it but I borrowed things not just from her but others like Amano, Randall, and Kasselmann, a little Vierke, Farmer, and Jutjajevs.

The great thing in this hobby is you never stop learning there are so many specialists that there is always something new to learn and share. It never gets boring, and it so relaxing.

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