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Mountain minnows unintended breeding after 2 weeks!


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New to the hobby! I just added a pair of mountain minnows two weeks ago.

I am lucky enough to be local to aquarium co-op... Brought them home and could easily see that the female had a very full belly, but thought nothing of it.

Well, I got lil ones all over. About 15!

That's all good but I think maybe I ought to get the breeding pair separated.

Thoughts from the community on this?

Rehoming one or the other etc.




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I agree with kat_rigel

6 hours ago, Kat_Rigel said:

Personally I would keep them together and raise up the babies, make more babies, get a nice colony going, sell extras to your LFS if you can. The only concern would be if the pair is overbreeding, such as a small tank where the female has no where to run to.


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Ha. I didn't finish that last post.

Thanks for the tank compliments!

My goal was to try to have a very low maintenance tank. With the extra feeding and waste, do y'all think that a small catfish might be good. 

The racer snail seems to like brine shrimp that fall to the bottom...

And, the male is being pretty aggressive towards the female in certain areas of the tank.

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I have my gold ones in a 20L and they are constantly spawning and providing me with babies. The adults don't seem to predate on the babies BUT older juveniles will eat the new babies. It's almost outdoor tubbing time. You could start a tub with your adults then give babies away or take them to your lfs. You can keep a few in your 10 gal. to grow up. They're fun to watch as a group.

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