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how often do you feed otocinclus?


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I picked up my oto trio two days ago and put them in my old 5 gallon that i left setup and covered with diatoms in anticipation of getting my otos. They demolished the algae in less than 12 hours.  So yesterday I made them some repashy on a rock.  It ended up not sticking to the rock and peeled off in a sheet under the water current and sat on the substrate.  Today it either dissolved or they ate it all.

So now I'm wondering should I slow down on feeding them or keep going?  I don't want to give them digestive issues from over eating but my understanding is undereating is the typical problem.  I'm inclined to give them something every day, a wafer, cucumber, repashy etc (whatever they'll take as i discover what they like).  But that seems like a lot more food than what my guppies get, though "wet" food probably counts for less than dry flakes.

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