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I've not kept them but have some similar species of killi and have researched them.

They're a colour morph of Aplocheilus lineatus. They're pretty easy to keep, not picky about water conditions. They get to about 10cm and are carnivores so don't put them in with small fish like neons or they'll eat them.

I think that you're best off with just one or if you have the space,  a group to spread out aggression.

If you like the shape but want something smaller for the top of the water then red chinned panchax Epiplatys dageti are nice.



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i have 5 golden wonder kilis. Absolutely love them.Brilliant gold and green turquoise colors. males are stunning. look like little snook. They hang on top of tank but do occasionally hang mid to low tank to eat. THEY WILL EAT WHATEVER FITS IN THIER MOUTH. LIKE 10 little CHERRY BARBS! (i had no idea until it was too late. and i saw a tail hanging out the big male killifish mouth, the horror).. lesson learned. But they don't mess with other fish that are big enough at least 1.5 inches. I have 2 male 3 female. mixed with a molly and 5 albino cory cats in a 29 gallon.All get along fine. The molly messes with them a little but not overly aggressive. just got a 20 long and starting mollly tank . i threw a couple spawn mops in and the Kilis  started laying eggs overnight. If you see them get them id get about 5 or six or a breeding pair and raise your own. super easy. Good luck

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