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1. Larger package would be nice.  Unless expiration time is an issue.  How long can you leave them in the freezer without damage?

2. Current packaging seems extreme.  I think the can is a waste of $$.  Both lids on both cans that I bought did not seal very tightly (both the metal lid and the plastic cap).  Possible to sell in the bag only??  That bag is nice.  Feels tuff and seals well.  Less packaging = lower cost for your loyal followers.

enjoy your products ( well the ziss breeder box is kinda disappointing....you should look at selling the external ones..they are awesome), enjoy your videos,  all the plants I have bought are awesome,  your delivery and packaging is top notch.....just wish you would sell fish online...aqua huna is awesome too, but I could use fish to fill orders for frieght charges.  One last thing...I tried to talk to a fellow who has black pandas that I saw on one of your videos....hit a dead end...I want some!





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I think Cory has said that the size is to meet the need of "most" hobbyists and the people churning through brine are probably ordering the kilo cans. But who knows if demand grows maybe the ACO will offer larger amounts, they have done so with some meds.

I like the packaging, I don't plow through BBS so it lasts me long enough and is competitively priced for eggs I know I can trust are not degraded by high temps or a poor seal. I never really knew where the ebay eggs I used to order came from or how they were stored.

ATM I can't find the "why we don't ship live fish" video, but IIRC it's better for them to specialize in plants ect and partner with Aqua Huna that specializes in shipping in live fish.

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