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Feeding Plants and Nitrates

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I have a 55 gallon tank with a wet dry filter.

For plants, there are Anubius, Dwarf Sagitaria, Java Fern & Ludwigia, 6 small sterbai coy cats, 2 hill stream loaches, 6 snails, 8 cardinal tetras, 10 rummy nose tetra, and more tetras in a hospital tank that will be moved over and plans to add dwarf gourami.

I have been feeding root tabs 1 per dwarf sagitaria monthly and easy green once per week, and have 0 amonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate.

Is my wet dry so efficient that I never get an increase in nitrates?  

Are the nitrates going up and then back down so fast I never read >0?

should I feed more often or more per feeding?

Just get a lot more fish?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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My tank has been in operation for years.  It was a Cichlid tank until Dec.  I did a major tank cleaning and ran the tank foe about 4-6 weeks with no fish.  I added plants in January but lost som Anubius and Java Ferns.

I did a water change in late January and added the Java fern and Ludwigia last Friday.

With everything registering at 0 how often would you recommend doing a water change and how much.

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