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Anyone used Carib-Sea FloraSpore?

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My LFS has had this kicking around for awhile--I can't find much about it. Normally I'd write something like this off, but it does remind me of the emerging trend in bioactive vivariums, where some hobbyists and vendors recommend adding mycorrhizal fungi to a setup to promote plant health and nutrient breakdown. If you haven't seen it, it comes in a dry mix that, once mixed with water, is injected into the substrate in a claylike paste (no idea if you can really do this on a tank full of water, though). Anyone tried it? Seen improved growth on root feeding plants?



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I can see where they are going with this idea. In nature adult trees utilize a symbiotic relationship with mycelia to pass nutrients to saplings, that grow under the canopy of the adult tree unable to get as much light from the sun. An interesting side note to that is scientist are astonished that the adult trees know to send nutrients only to trees of the same species, and steal nutrients from different species, all without a brain to detect its surroundings, and make decisions about nutrient flow. 

As for the aquarium hobby though, im not sure the benefits, and possible consequences of such a product. I’m assuming the best method would be to mix it in with aqua soil, at tank setup stage. It might be possible to add to an established tank, much like adding new soil to a tank. Again as you noted i cant seem to find much info on this product either, and Amazon has 1 review. I think if it were me I would test it out on an experimental tank first.  Will it cloud your water for a while? Can it spike ammonia like Osmocote? Will the fungus stay put or will it try to take over a dead piece of drift wood? Quite a few questions I have, i cant answer from 1 Amazon review. The theory is there, i would just like to see the evidence. 

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