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How to add more nutrient rich soil to established planted aquarium?


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I am thinking of adding more soil to my established aquarium but I have heard that if not done right it can cause an ammonia spike and kill the fish. 

Currently I have an 80 gallon heavily planted aquarium. I have an 8 liter bag of soil but was thinking of adding maybe a third or less... 

Any tips on how to add nutrient rich soil to an established aquarium? Would adding a little at a time work? 

Thanks everyone!

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Don't you have a sand cap over  the existing soil?

...And nutrient rich soil often creates algae trouble (which is why many choose mineralized top soil) in addition to an ammonia spike.

Footnote: I'm no expert as I've always stayed away from 'dirt' tanks as I feel any nutrient advantage is quickly lost. (Ask any farmer what he could grow in a mere couple of inches of top soil)  I prefer inert sand with root tabs as required.

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