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Pre-planning for a week long April vacation


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I have a 10g planted tank. I dose Easy Green- Potassium combo 3x / week, and Easy Iron 2x per week Will my tank be ok if I don't dose for a whole week?

I don't have a tank sitter available, so I'll have an auto feeder on for the fish.


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Well, I came home last last night from my 10 day vacation. Lights turned on, and all the fish were still alive, didn't jump, etc.

Here's a quick little story:

I did a water change the day before I left, and set up an auto feeder (Eheim Every Day Fish Feeder). I had to take off the plastic extension part of my glass top, because attaching it to the rim of the tank would require less top to the tank.

Anyhoo, I made sure that the opening was above the water. I came home, and there was a decent amount of food on the covering to my tank. Most if not all the food didn't make it in. There was also a lot of food still in the feeder. I guess I didn't set it up to feed multiple times? And somehow the opening on the feeder wasn't completely over the water?

Anyways, like @Cory has said multiple times on live streams: don't sweat if you leave for a week or so. Your fish are always eating (whether you feed or not), and your tank will be cleaner than you normally see when you get home.

Sure enough - that was the case.

So, just some food for thought.

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