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Worms crawling in my fish tank 🥺


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Please help!!!!

I noticed some worms in flowerhorn fish tank . He has been sick , some slimy transperent have been coming out of its mouth or body I couldn't figure it out and now I saw this worm crawling ...can someone tell me what is this worm and how can I fix this ??



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10 minutes ago, Taco Playz said:

Was it on the flowerhorn or was it pooping it out. If it was pooping it then I would lean towards a Camallanus worm but they are normally red.

I actually didn't see where it came from, I noticed only when it was Crawling on the bottom of the tank ...also he has been spitting out some slimy transparent substance with tiny bubbles attached to it ..


On 2/11/2021 at 3:52 AM, James Black said:

When getting a flowerhorn, I care about the personality not the looks. The flowerhorn could have the smallest Kok, not have the nicest colors and not much of a line, But if he has the BEST personality, I will get it.

With that being said, what are your plans with this flowerhorn? Will you breeding to make some extra money? are you looking for a water dog? or are you looking for the colors?

As @Keeg said, the line is solid and the kok is small (all though that can be fixed), If this flowerhorn has a great personality, and thats what your looking for get it!

If your looking for the biggest kok on planet earth, this may not be the best fish for you.

I am not sure if you watch the King Of Diy (joey mullen) on youtube (or perhaps you have never heard this name before) but he bought a flowerhorn many years back. The flowerhorn was named Frank. Frank did not have the best "flowers" or the best colors, he was quite ugly infact. But it didn't matter to Joey, it was the personality that made him fall in love with frank.

If your plans are on breeding flowerhorns, what traits are you desiring in your fry?

Here is a picture of Frank the Flowerhorn:


As you can see, not the best colors or line (flowers) he's got  a decent size kok, but I've seen better.

F.Y.I I am not shaming frank, I love frank. His visual appearnce just simply wasn't the best.


On 2/11/2021 at 6:50 AM, James Black said:

I mean I'm not a flowerhorn expert, but... The store employee is probably exaggerating a bit to make the sale. I would trust it more if it was coming from a breeder.


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