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Cory and Candi


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I am loving your channel and now the forum.  Got here from Bentley Pascoe's YT channel.  I just enjoy your(and Bentley's) philosophy and approach!  I am still learning SO much.  Currently just starting back on my 29 gallon VERY neglected tank.  I did NOTHING with it for months.  the Anubias and Crypt Lutea grew so thick even my poor platys couldn't swim.  I literally pulled out maybe 2 dozen large beautiful plants just to give some room.  Then I suddenly got the "plant bug" and discovered your channel.  I have never been into using chemicals, as a rule, to get things "perfect".  Firstly because it rarely worked plus I am cheap.  I have found live plants really make a big difference.  Anyway big shout out to you all!



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