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Hello! For weeks I have been reading countless blogs, searching forums, watching more hours of fishtube then I’d like to admit on the topic, etc. trying to decide how to solve a predicament I’ve found myself in. 

I have a 40 gallon breeder tank with a handful of super chill black mollies, 5 peppered corys,  and one turquoise rainbow. I do weekly water changes consistently, run a Aquaclear 70 and a sponge filter as well.  

Now that I am a much more informed aquarist, I have discovered that the majority of the internet says the smallest tank size for turquoise rainbows is a 55 gallon. I’d like to get more same species rainbows so the one I have can thrive even better (as I inherited only one). It’s very active, younger and healthy - just want it to be in the best environment possible .

Do I get a few more turquoise rainbows or try to rehome the one I currently have? 

Thanks in advance for any advice! I am super appreciative!! 


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On 2/15/2021 at 11:30 PM, James Black said:

Heres what I would do:

-Because a a 40 breeder is the same foot print as a 50 gallon, you could buy a 50 gallan and put it on the same stand that the 40 is on. This is a way cheaper route then buying a whole new tank and stand. This way you can get your rainbowfish some buddies and have it in an appropiate size tank.


If you're going to switch anyway a 65 also has a 36" x 18" footprint.  I think the reason some sources say they need minimum 55 gallons is because of the length (48"), which gives them more swimming room in one direction since they're such active fish.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have eleven turquoise rainbows in my 65 and they seem to be fine, so if your stocking level permits I think you'd be okay with 4 or so in a 40 gallon breeder.  They're great fish.

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