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Seems I have a severe fungal infection... is this velvet?


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  • pH - 7.6
  • Nitrates - 30ppm
  • Hardness - 360ppm
  • Nitrite - 0
  • Ammonia - 0
  • KH/Buffer - 260ppm
  • Water Temperature - 76-79F

    Hi guys, my community tank seems to have developed a massive fungal infection, and quite severe. I woke up today to 6 of my beloved fish dead: 2 black neon tetras, 2 boesemani rainbows, 2 serpaes and my awesome bristlenose pleco :(.

    I must admit I'm ashamed I didn't notice this earlier, I suspect I cross contaminated the tank a few days ago, when I was treating some of my severums in my 100g for the same-looking illness.

    I wish I could have a med trio right now, but it seems I have to act in this instant. What would you guys use out of these two products?

     - Paraguard

     - This bottle of medication from a well-known brand here in Mexico:

    The formula reads:
    Methylene Blue HCI 3.7mg
    Formaldehyde 1.8mg
    Malachite Green Oxalate 3/7g.

    Do you think this would be more effective than the paraguard? Are these concentrations strong enough? I'm assuming that 3 different active ingredients together will be extremely stressful right? But I guess it's better to just take the chance.

    Below are some pics of the disease as well, all of my fish are showing this, with the rainbows being the more critical ones, while the corydoras the least:

    It kinda looks like ICH but I'm sure this isn't the case, as these fish were fine a few days ago, and now I had 7 casualties. Ich doesn't kill this quickly right?

    So, paraguard or the atomic cocktail of methylene blue, malachite green and formaldehyde? What would you suggest?

    These are the only meds I have right now on my cabinet, but I can go and isntantly get any of these from the local fish store, if you think would be better:
    Potassium Permaganate
    Chlorine Dioxide
    Copper Sulfate

    Thanks guys!
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3 hours ago, Colu said:

It looks more like ich than velvet  I would start treatment with seachem para guard if you can get API super ick cure or ich x that would be better @HenryC

Thanks, I went ahead and used a dose of paraguard. Hopefully it will work, if not I will have to use the other med.

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