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Hey everyone! I'm excited to be getting involved in a community!


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Hey all,

Finally decided I needed to start being more active online. I don't have much of an aquarium community around me, so I'm happy to have a place like this! I've been a follower of the channel for a little while, but I keep hearing such great things about the forum.

I've been in the hobby for a little over a year now. I'm up to 6 tanks, ranging from a 2.5gal to a 29gal. I'm currently working on breeding out a few species of shrimp. And my favorite fish right now are the chocolate Kuhli loaches I recently got. I love these little buggers!

The hobby has had such an impact on me that I decided to return to uni back in December, to pursue a degree in Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture. It's been an adjustment being back in school, but I'm loving it like I haven't loved school before.






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4 hours ago, OceanTruth said:

Welcome to the forum. Shrimp breeding sounds like fun! That carpeted tank looks amazing. Is it pearlweed?

They're dwarf baby tears! It is my first experiment into high tech tanks, and I had started the tank with the dry start method. Though now after I've flooded it, I've been having issues with blackbeard algae growing everywhere. I'm guessing I have too much light, since I never see my CO2 rise super high.

Pictures are from the very beginning and now. Though there isn't an overwhelming amount of algae now, since I just did a trimming of it all. I have ember tetras in the tank and some amanos to help a bit with the algae.



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37 minutes ago, KaitieG said:

Such cool tanks!  I love what you did with the pathway one as well!

Unfortunately the nerite snails have decided the barrier stones don't need to stay put, and have started mixing the aquasoil in amongst the pebbles. Ugh!

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2 minutes ago, Martin said:

Welcome!  Awesome to hear about your schooling!  I'm impressed that you got those shrimp to walk up-side down! 😝

Thank you! School was something I struggled with wanting to do for quite a while, so being this passionate and motivated feels pretty novel.

I'm not sure why that photo would only load upside down. 😂

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