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Newbie question about mountain minnows/fry


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IMG_20210215_142732644.jpg.91b967333e8c606f794aac67f3566763.jpgHi all,


I recently added my first fish to my newly cycled tank and noticed that one of the pair of beautiful mountain minnows had a big bulging belly, while the other is skinny.

So, far forward a couple weeks and now I have what I thought were bugs cruising around under the surface.

Now, I believe they are fry. There are approx 8 or 9 that I can see..

I am currently feeding them Xtreme Krill flakes. Crushed really well..

After I saw the lil guys, I turned the flow down on my filter.

I guess what I'm hoping it's for some advice about what to expect and what to do to keep them alive as I didn't expect to be breeding haha.

My tank is shy of 10 gal and planted with Java fern, annubias, peace lily, Marimo, dwarf grass and repens.

I'm not quite sure how to get an image uploaded. Perhaps this link works?

Tank pic

Thanks so much!

Jason-Lynnwood, WA



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