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Hello! I'm relatively new to fishkeeping (but have done more than a little research on the subject).

My current tanks are: one 10 Gal. of Daphnia, freshwater Copepods, and snails (nothing fancy, just Bladder Snails), one 10 Gal. with a breeding pair of Fundulus chrysotus (Golden Topminnows), one 20 Gal. long with 3 F. chrysotus, 11(ish) Lucania goodei (Bluefin Killifish), 1 Corydoras panda (sort of a gift, I'm going to try to acquire some friends for it when things warm up. So far it's been schooling with the L. goodei without problems), 3 Gambusia affinis (Western Mosquitofish. 1 adult male and 2 juvenile females. these will be getting a 10 Gal. next fall or sooner depending on their behavior), and 3 Adult Planorbella sp. snails, and one 40 Gal. breeder currently housing 1 male, 3 female, and 1 (hopefully) female Macropodus opercularis (Paradise Fish), and 1 Japanese Trapdoor Snail (This one is a tank in progress).

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